Mothers and Daughters

Odd Girl Out

We can be so hard on ourselves and expect so much from others who aren’t quite like us. I know trying to fit in is hard. Society seems to ostracize those who don’t conform. But it is okay to be the odd girl because odd girls are unique and they are one of a kind like a fucking unicorn with wings that shits rainbows.

Upon Meeting My Doctor For The Second Time

Lately I have been dealing with health issues and a long with it big decisions.

I’ve spent much of my life in doctors offices. I’ve found the most frustrating time is when doctors take one look at you, listen to a couple of symptoms and decide what you have already and what you need to do about it without running tests yet. *
Only you know your body. Don’t ever let someone convince you or pressure you into medication or a procedure that you don’t feel that you need. Make sure all tests have been done. Do the research yourself. The internet is a wonderful thing. Get a second, third opinion. Your health is important and you should never feel like someone is just making money off your health. *
You are beautiful my invisible warriors! We are fighters!

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