People with disabilities are allowed to get pissed off

I’ve been feeling very angry lately about the world. I’m sick of people’s ignorant comments, I’m tired of the stares, and I wish people would just understand what it’s like living with a disability, what it’s like having mental illness. At the beginning of the month (man this has been the longest month ever) I had my article published about a police officer harassing me about my handicap placard. I had so many comments some good and a lot of hate. I had a couple in particular that got to me. They said something like, you need to write about the good and you are so full of spite and anger you need to spread positivity. Here’s the thing I think it’s great to be positive but spreading positivity doesn’t start change. Being your inspiration porn is not my goal. 

My mother gave me some interesting not that long ago. She told me to stop caring what others think. Of course, I said back that it’s an easy thing to say but isolating when you put it into practice.

But then she told me to, “stop being silent, piss people off the way they piss you off. When someone says something ignorant, correct them. Be the activist you want to be even if it means they don’t like it. At least you will have said your peace and maybe they will have learned something”

So here’s what changes things, advocacy, getting angry when unjust things happen and talking about them. Being upset about a police officer who treats you rudely, doesn’t apologizes for it when he is in the wrong and writing about it, can change things. Getting angry and starting a movement like @rkamen and @im_still_here_sgb did when people were and are still unnecessarily leaving their homes and putting the high risk and vulnerable people’s lives in danger from covid-19 changes things #wearethevulnerable . Or when fashion labels think it’s okay to exploit those with illnesses for gain. 

Don’t get me wrong. This world needs positivity especially during hard times. But I’m not going to sugarcoat the tough shit. I’m so sick of disabled people only be shown in the media if it’s some kind of uplifting story to warm all the feelings that you have in your heart. But here’s the thing, we are a forgotten minority. We are allowed to be angry and pissed off. Don’t let any one quiet your voice or tell you to be positive about injustice. Get pissed off. 

Published by Amelia Blackwater

I am feminist writer and poet trying to raise awareness on topics such as mental health and physical disabilities. I often write about things such as invisible illnesses and mental health/illness related topics.

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