I’m just going to say it, We can be a selfish race. We cry and complain about not being able to go to the vacations, concerts, and parties we had planned. We think about ourselves. We are upset about our own plans and are restless inside our homes. So instead of listening to CDC and WHO there are so many that complain, then do it anyway. “It’s no worse than the flu.” As the virus hides within you and then infects someone who is vulnerable. It’s just the elderly, the unhealthy, darwinism.

What happened to our humanity? Our preservation of life and the people that we love?

Stay home.

If you can, stay home.

If it’s not necessary, stay home.

If you don’t care about yourself, think about your friend who might not know they have an autoimmune or heart disease. Think about your parents, your grandma or grandpa.

Think about the vulnerable. Stop being selfish. It doesn’t look good on you.

Around 40% of the US population has a chronic illness! Take care of your neighbor, your friend, your grandparents. Stay home. Practice social distancing.

Thank you to @rkamen and @im_still_here_sgb and others who spoke up and started using the hashtag so we can put a face to those who are vulnerable.

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Published by Amelia Blackwater

I am feminist writer and poet trying to raise awareness on topics such as mental health and physical disabilities. I often write about things such as invisible illnesses and mental health/illness related topics.

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