old posts, new posts, and something in between

For those of you who follow me on instagram and facebook you might be seeing some familiar post spring up here. I’m going to be backdating some old instagram posts onto the wordpress blog as well as continue to post the content from instagram onto the blog. However, the post that I will have on the blog might sometimes be a bit different then what I post on instagram. Meaning they might be longer and more in depth. Check out tomorrow’s post. There will be little differences throughout the post. I had to cut some things out of the instagram one just due to the lengthiness of the post. Believe me I know I loss an audience once a post gets into the comments section on instagram. I will have other content on here as well. Please make sure to follow me on facebook, instagram, youtube, and patreon. I try to post unique content to each media site so you do get bored.

I posted some questions on instagram to get a feel of the kind of content everyone is enjoying. Feel free to comment on what you would like to see more of, chronic illness, mental health, art, poetry, or a mix of all the above?

Much love warriors,

Amelia Blackwater

Published by Amelia Blackwater

I am feminist writer and poet trying to raise awareness on topics such as mental health and physical disabilities. I often write about things such as invisible illnesses and mental health/illness related topics.

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