Bucket lists and Living in the Moment

You don’t need a bucket list. You don’t need a list to remind you of everything you believe you have to do before you leave this world. Do things for the sake of wanting to do them and if you don’t, guess what you were still here you lived your life.
Death is inevitable. Some of us know we have less time on this earth then others. I don’t need a list of all the things I need to or want to do before I kick the bucket.
Hell that sounds like a lot of pressure and I don’t need that kind of stress in my life.
I live and I enjoy the moments while I can, experience new things when I get a chance, and I give back to the world in hopes that I leave it a little better than what it was before.

Published by Amelia Blackwater

I am feminist writer and poet trying to raise awareness on topics such as mental health and physical disabilities. I often write about things such as invisible illnesses and mental health/illness related topics.

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